As a wristwatch lover, you’ll absolutely love what Invicta offers which explains why Invicta Watches are some of the biggest selling men’s watches on the market right now.

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This Invicta Watch Review will review the following, each with their top recommended best buy:

Invicta Subaqua Noma Watches

    . . . recommended best buy . . . Invicta Men’s 6043 Subaqua Collection Noma III

Invicta Pro Diver

    . . . recommended best buy . . . Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch

Invicta Russian Diver Collection

    . . . recommended best buy . . . Invicta Men’s 4342 Russian Diver Collection Black Watch

See All Invicta Men’s Lupah Watches

    . . . recommended best buy . . . Invicta Men’s 4342 Russian Diver Collection Black Watch

Invicta Lupah Revolution Watches

    . . . recommended best buy . . . Invicta Men’s 0513 Lupah Revolution
Invicta means invincible in Latin and over the past hundred years they have crafted their very own highly sought after global brand name. Invicta wrist watches were originally established back in 1837 and now today is a part of Invicta Holdings Limited.

Invicta Watches are costed in accordance with the requirements of their customers and they supply plenty of choices for everybody. These watches have a great reputation and are premium quality timepieces.

The Invicta watch range carries an excellent selection of wrist watches for both women and men. Invicta watches for guys have several distinct, superbly created lines, with watch designs and styles to match each and every man. The Invicta range for males is to a great extent weighted toward a nautical design and style. Invicta’s men’s watches are some of the most in vogue models of men’s timepieces out there.

Invicta continues to excel time and time again with watches for women of all ages. Invicta Designer watches for ladies are simply focused on pure beauty, elegance and style, because they are the three qualities of a lady. Invicta produces tantalizing designer watches for the lively women too. With regards to the optimum time to put on an Invicta watch, some women would rather go for wrist watches that may be put on for a variety of situations which might be relaxed or formal.

Invicta watches also have a selection known as baby Lupah. They are bright rectangular faced watches to catch the attention of younger customers.

One of the most popular of the Invicta ranges of watches with a distinctive maritime feel is the Invicta Subaqua Collection.

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Invicta Watch Reviews

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. . . Top Recommendation for Invicta’s Subaqua Collection . . .

Invicta’s Subaqua Noma

Invicta Men’s 6043 Subaqua Collection Noma III

Invicta Men’s 6043 Subaqua Collection Noma III

The Invicta watch corporation produces premium quality men’s sports wrist watches, nevertheless Invicta diver watches really are a reasonably priced, superior quality mens sports watch, which is suitable equally around town as well as below the ocean. There is most likely simply no style and design could be more admired when compared with the diver’s watches for guys.

The Invicta Subaqua Noma features a large watch face together with eye-catching sub dial designs dependant upon the range and the model.

Invicta Men’s 6043 Subaqua Collection Noma III Chronograph Black Ion Plated and Rubber Watch

The Invicta men’s 6043 has a round analog dial window of a flame fusion material type. The case material is black ion plated stainless steel of diameter 50 mm and thickness 19 mm. The band is a black rubber and ion plated bracelet and has a buckle clasp, it has a width of 28 mm and is black the same as is the dial. The bezel is black ion plated stainless steel and the bezel function is unidirectional. It is water resistant (as a divers watch should be!) to 1640 ft with Swiss quartz movement and has luminous hands.


  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Swiss Made Timepiece
  • Flame Fusion Crystal
  • Brushed Polished Black Ion Plated Case made from Stainless Steel
  • Date Function
  • Grid Dial – Black And Gold
  • Chronograph Subdials; 1/10 Second, 60 Second And 30 Minute
  • Unidirectional Outer Bezel
  • Tachymeter On The Inner Bezel
  • Luminous Hands
  • Screw Down Pushers
  • Screw Down Crown With Protective Cap – Help Prevent Water Infiltration
  • Water-Resistant To 500 M (1,640 Ft)


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. . . Top Recommendation for Invicta Pro Diver . . .

Invicta Pro Diver

Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch

The Invicta Pro Diver certainly is the hallmark within the men’s Invicta writst watch branding.

Patterned following many of the highest quality high end chronographs on the market, comparable to Omega as well as others, the Pro Diver provides sturdy build, produced from stainless-steel and then finished more than enough so it can have the elegant feeling which a high quality wrist watch requires.

Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch


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Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch
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. . . Top Recommendation for Invicta Russian Diver . . .

Invicta Russian Diver

Invicta Men’s 4342 Russian Diver Collection Black Watch

A wrist watch with some genuinely powerful presence, the Russian Diver stands out as the biggest watch Invicta sells.

Invicta Men’s 4342 Russian Diver Collection Black Watch


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Buy The Invicta Men’s 4342 Russian Diver Watch
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. . . Top Recommendation for Invicta Lupah Watches . . .

Invicta Lupah

Invicta Men’s 6401 Lupah Collection Chronograph Special Edition Rubber Watch Set

The bright colored Lupah range is usually offered at more youthful individuals, but actually these are gorgeous bright wrist watches that could perhaps accommodate all age groups since these days there are virtually no rules about what not to wear because of your age!

Invicta Men’s 6401 Lupah Collection Chronograph Special Edition Rubber Watch Set


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Buy The Invicta Men’s 6401 Lupah
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. . . Top Recommendation for Invicta Lupah Revolution Watches . . .

Invicta Lupah Revolution Watches

Invicta Men’s 0513 Lupah Revolution Automatic Chronograph Diamond Accented Black Leather Watch
Rather beguiling and attention grabbing wrist watches . . .

Invicta Men’s 0513 Lupah Revolution Automatic Chronograph Diamond Accented Black Leather Watch

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Buy The Invicta Men’s 0513 Lupah Revolution
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Ever wanted to be a sporting hero, or at least look like one? Here’s your chance. A Nixon Player Watch is increasingly being seen on the wrists of top skaters, surf boarders and snowboarders. This is probably a large part of why they are becoming a sporting “item of desire”! They have made real impact on the watch scene in recent years.

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The Nixon Player Watches are generally fairly traditionally styled analog watches with a sleek stainless steel design yet at the same time having a futuristic yet elegant style which looks fresh anywhere.

The two great things about owning a Nixon Player Watch is it’s style and it’s name!
Watches manufactured by Nixon differ significantly in functionality and design and are known for their unique designs and solid craftsmanship.
Nixon wrist watches have now been bought by a great number of active outdoor enthusiasts for many years now. They provide the best value for their customers who can be certain of a tough wrist watch for sports with style and makes a statement of class and quality.
With average prices ranging from $150 to $250 depending on style, color, and metal material, Amazon is still the best place to buy Nixon Player Watches. If your not sure about anything on this page then why not Checkout Amazon’s Reviews
Nixon Men’s A139-000 Rubber Analog Black Dial Watch

. . . Top Nixon Watch Review . . .


Nixon A139-000

Nixon Men’s A139-000 Rubber Analog Black Dial Watch


Nixon Men’s A139-000 Rubber Analog Black Dial Watch

As can be seen from the picture our recommended best Nixon Player Watch has an analog rectangular display with a matt black finish. The dial window is mineral and black. The case is made from rubber which helps to give it it’s light weight of 4 ounces and is diameter 46 mm and thickness 15 mm.
The band width is 22 mm and standard men’s length. It is black and made from polyurethane with a buckle.

  • Analog Quartz Movement
  • Case is made of Rubber
  • Mineral is Scratch Resistant
  • Water Resistant To 100 M – 330 Ft
  • Bezel Has 24 Hour Time Display
  • Real Diamond
  • Rubber Band Custom Injected Silicone

The Nixon Men’s A139-000 is a really tough wristwatch that’s ideal sports and every occasion.

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Fruitz Watches are a awesome design by Philip Stein, among the most distinctive and innovative watch providers today. All of the Fruitz watches are Swiss Quartz and all of them are on offer at genuinely very affordable prices. All Fruitz watches are in a style which reminds you of fresh cut fruit, with complementing colorings and fancyful characteristics.

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Although Fruitz Watches are by Philip Stein they have only a small similarity to the Philip Stein luxury collections, apart from the natural frequency disk that is embedded into each watch. Like the majority of Ceramic bracelet wrist watches, the high fashion Philip Stein watches will be in a significantly greater price range. Fruitz watches and Philip Stein watches are promoted independently and the watches aren’t co-branded. The reason behind keeping the brand names distinct was mainly the real difference in target audience.

Philip Stein is rapidly on its way to turning into just about the most desired lof uxury brands, however, you can pick up a Fruitz watch for a small fraction of the price, but still get all the key benefits of Natural Frequency technology.

Philip Stein Fruitz Watches Natural Frequency Disks

A very important factor that both the Fruitz and the Philip Stein Ceramic watch collections share is the embedded natural frequency disks, that are thought to release blocked energy paths making wearers come to feel much less stressed and improve one’s well being.
Have you ever heard of Natural Frequency Technology? And just what does natural frequency technology do? Do you know the benefits of possessing a natural frequency disk encased inside the back of a wrist watch?
Philip Stein is the first one to use Natural Frequency technology like this in order to integrate time keeping with well being. This original technological innovation operates between 7 – 9 Hertz, which spans the key resonant frequency from the natural world and it is a frequency that’s beneficial and grounding for our health.
Philip Stein lovers claim that without having their Philip Stein wristwatch, they’d be considerably less centered, become more stressed and maybe have sleep problems.
Fruitz watches have a multicolor sunburst design oversized dial with either gold plated cases or stainless steel .
Philip Stein is definitely the leader in wrist watches utilizing proprietary Natural Frequency Technology as well as other lifestyle products. Designer watches by Philip Stein aren’t just healthy, but in addition incredibly stylish, they are available in an excellent selection of models. Fruitz watches are definitely the epitome of any fun but yet classic vacation present.

. . . Top Philip Stein Fruitz Watch Review . . .


Fruitz F36S-DF-GR

Philip Stein Women’s F36S-DF-GR Fruitz Watch


Philip Stein Women’s F36S-DF-GR Fruitz Watch

This beautiful round analog watch has a pink dial with a mineral dial window and buckle clasp. The case is stainless steel and of diameter 36.5 mm and thickness 9.5 mm. The band is unisex and made from silicone. It is21 width and grey. The bezel is stainless-steel and the watch is water resistant to 30 m – 99 ft.

  • Natural Frequency Disk
  • Quartz Movement
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Shock Resistant
  • Pull And Push Crown
  • Water Resistant To 30 M – 99 Ft

Philip stein fruitz f36s-df-gr is full of and features and fun. It is a comfortable fit and the special natural frequency disk technology is intended to relax you and melt away your stress :)

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Buy The Fruity Philip Stein Fruitz F36S-DF-GR
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Looking for a watch which will be certain to get noticed? A Daniel Steiger watch is definitely a first choice. People will likely know that you know what you are doing once they see you like Daniel Steiger watches. They are among the finest you’ll find on the market.

For those who appreciate wrist watches, you should get a Daniel Steiger. Their watches are among the greatest clothing accessories you are going to find and you may easily coordinate your Daniel Steiger watch to whichever attire you choose to dress in for any occasion.

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Lots of men and women of all ages have had Daniel Steiger watches for many years and never experienced any problems. So you may be thinking it could be worthwhile, if you want to, to use a less expensive watch and save up for a watch with a great brand like Daniel Steiger that is reputable and is also built to present an aura of durability and reliability. A Daniel Steiger always appears awesome on the wrist because doing so demonstrates so much class and status. Daniel Steiger wrist watches are likely to surge to be number one within your collection if you choose to purchase one.
The means and the accuracy that your watch will keep time is basically right down to the power source. That is why only the highest quality precision Swiss movements will do for Daniel Steiger and the world renowned watchmakers create stunning stainless-steel and generously finished gold wrist watches that everyone will have to unquestionably appreciate.. Anyone who sees you sporting this amazing watch will possibly assume you’ve had a fortuitous windfall or simply have gone nuts and blown one half of your annual income on the watch! Built from layers of premium quality steel that is fused with rose gold which are combined with bits of hi tech ceramic on the case back, bracelet and bezel giving this excellent watch an opulent feel. The amount you will pay for them is justified!
Wrist watches mustn’t be left in extreme temperature, because this may damage the timepiece or reduce it’s battery life.
Daniel Steiger wrist watches are available online. Probably one of the better places to order one, because of their large selection and dependability, will be the ever trusted Amazon. Amazon offers a considerable choice of both men’s and women’s designs of Daniel Steiger wrist watches.
Your available choice of Daniel Steiger wrist watches is really superb, so deciding on the best choice for you can be challenging. To help you here’s the Time 4 A Watch best recommendation.

. . . Top Daniel Steiger Review . . .


Daniel Steiger 7058-M

Daniel Steiger Men’s 7058-M Swiss Quartz Multi-Function Rose Gold Watch

Daniel Steiger Men’s 7058-M Swiss Quartz Multi-Function Rose Gold Watch

This stunning watch has a stainless-steel case of diameter 45 mm and a thickness of 14 mm. The wrist band is also stainless-steel in cool black and it’s width is 21 mm and has a fold over push button clasp with safety. The bezel too, it is also stainless-steel and the Bezel Function is unidirectional.
Another cool feature is it’s calendar, ok they all show the day and date but how many watches show the phase of the moon! The black color stainless-steel band and rotating bezel symbolizes night time whilst the day is symbolized by rose gold nicely toned accents and the ridged disc case which shines through.
Swiss quartz movement for the accuracy you would expect from a watch of this quality.
This is a sporty watch, solid and also very clear and easy to read..

  • Rose gold plated stainless steel case
  • Water resistant to 100M of 330 Feet
  • Dial window is made from mineral
  • Swiss quartz movement


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Buy The Daniel Steiger 7058-M
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Lucien Piccard watches are among the most desired timepieces on the planet. Lucien Piccards have been available for a long time and their reputation precedes them. Lucien Piccard wristwatches are referred to as luxury watches at reasonable prices and they will definitely last for many years when given the greatest care.

Lucien Piccard watches have a very notable history stretching back in excess of Eighty years. Started in Switzerland in 1923 the Lucien Piccard watch company was committed to high quality and excellence from the start. Lucien Piccard are among the very best brands in classic watches and is deservedly so as it is among the first watchmakers founded in recent times. Located in the sophisticated country of Switzerland which is considered the center of the watch making world.

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Lucien Piccard watches can be purchased in a number of different collections. Their watches and jewelry are among the most desired on the earth and has now been worn by dignitaries, and celebs throughout the world.
Lucien Piccard watches are renowned for their fantastic details, workmanship as well as the gemstones and diamonds which they incorporate in their styles. They are extremely prestigious and with their Swiss watch making expertise and classic watch style and design coming together to provide a classic look to your current wardrobe. Their watches were once only obtainable from select stores and the regular ticket selling price from these kinds of merchants was commonly near to two thousand dollars or even more!
Lucien Piccard used to be a part of the LP Watch Group, a watch company whose holdings consisted of LP Italy, Dufonte and Charles Winston, along with Lucien Piccard All LP Watch Group brands exemplified both ” old world ” workmanship,and ” new world ” design and style. Lucien Piccard was the cornerstone in the LP Watch Group. It is now owned by Swiss Watch International who are another company renown for their quality and precision watches.
Lucien Piccard creates classic watch styles which still offer ” old world ” workmanship and elegance whilst integrating technologically innovative and boldly designed new selections for today’s market place. Stainless-steel, sapphire crystal and soft silver are among the main elements, characterizing the charm of the brand. Soft silver continues to be extensively put into use to style many of the current watches.
These days, Lucien Piccard wrist watches are purchased by both women and men within some collections, with various selling prices. Stylish men”s watch may feature black color dial and wrist strap Some Lucien Piccard watches use Japanese quartz movement and can be thirty meter water resistance Having said that, with the Lucien Piccard Men’s Watch selection, you will get the Swiss movement together with the diamonds at a cost you really can afford. The Lucien Piccard watches can certainly make an ideal present, or simply a excellent addition for your collection.
A Lucien Piccard watch is really a stunning item of jewelry for any lady to own since it will always maintain it’s own style and can be able to always go with what she’s dressed in. Women’s watches are infamous for having an amazingly huge choice of designs, materials, and functions. Lucien Piccard Watches for women of all ages are amongst the highest quality wrist watches made. The Lucien Piccard wrist watches really are a fantastic option when you are looking at excellent style and outstanding taste.
Lucien Piccard watches make superb personal gifts. The Lucien Piccard brand bears a reputation that enhances the perception of the person who might wear it. As you’ve already noticed, a Lucien Piccard Watch is excellent for everybody.

. . . Top Lucien Piccard Watch Review . . .


Lucien Piccard 26959SL

Lucien Piccard Men’s 26959SL Black Ion-Plated Chronograph Watch

Lucien Piccard Men’s 26959SL

This is a beautiful analog watch with a round and stunningly good looking face with the contrast of white and black carbon fiber, black & grey numbers and bars combined with the red hands. The face also has a three eye chronograph and twenty four hour tachymeter dial.

  • Water Resistant 100m – 330 Feet – 10 ATM
  • Both Case And Buckle Are Stainless Steel
  • 43mm Diameter
  • Quartz Movement
  • Mineral Crystal
  • White Dial
  • Chronograph Functions
  • Genuine Leather Black Strap With Buckle Clasp
  • Luminous Hands
  • Carbon Fibre Face
  • Three Eye Chronograph
  • 24 Hr Dial
  • Tachymeter Bezel
  • Scratch Resistant Mineral Crystal


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Citizens Watches is an organization which has been around for more than eighty years. Located in Japan, the Citizen Holdings Firm was created in 1924, and they’ve furnished people with high quality wrist watches for upwards of eight decades. Citizens Watches have a variety of band options and in a variety of colors including black, blue, mother of pearl, pink, white, grey and champagne.

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They chose their name from the idea that they would make watches for everyone, and their pricing certainly reflects this. The company’s dream was to manufacture wrist watches that would be appreciated by all people regardless of class, race, or wealth standing.

The Citizen Watch company is descended from the Shokosha Watch Research Institute, also founded in Tokyo. The Citizen Watch Company now employs more than three thousand people the world over.
Selling prices for Citizens Watches cover anything from about seventy dollars to around one thousand dollars.

Shock Resistant Watches

Citizen Watches are known for inventing innovative watches using the latest technologies and they were involved in the development of the first shock resistant watches to ever be made.

Eco Drive

Citizen Watches are one of the world’s leading Japanese producers of watches, and have become the pioneer of some of the most advanced technologies in watch making. Citizen Watches are known by their revolutionary technology such as the Citizen Eco drive. This is a must have accessory for all.
The Citizen models under the Eco-Drive brand are solar powered. It’s so clever, your watch absorbs light from the sun during the day and charges itself with that energy! Excellent! Even better, artificial light can also be used to charge the crystal of this watch.
With just one charge of only a few hours, your watch is charged for months without needing to be charged again. If you store your Citizen Watch in darkness for more than 3 days, then the calendar and the other hands cease so as to reduce battery drain entirely.

Diving Watches

They even had the first of its kind diver’s watch, light powered with an electronic depth sensor for scuba-diving. Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar features a titanium case and deep blue dial.

Buying Citizen Watches

If you have concerns about buying a Citizen Watch you should shop around. Citizen retailers are all over the world. If you prefer to shop on the internet, then you can find discounted Citizen Watches if you do an internet search, rather than paying full price through the Citizen website. The best resource for this (as you probably know anyway) is Amazon
The Citizen BL5250-02L Watch is a fantastic selling watches on Amazon which says so much and with it’s incredible features and looks it is not hard to see why this particular watch is so popular. It reall projects an air of authority and confidence.
The entire world has become seriously trend conscious nowadays and the company carries an extremely high reputation for excellence in style and design and creation of all of its watches during it’s more than eighty years old history. Citizen has become very well established globally now including European countries, Australia, and The United States to mention just a few.
Citizen Watches has proven because of their reliability, support and wonderfully good looks that they’re here to stay. Citizen Watches are offering to you the finest series of watches for people of every age group. There’s a Citizen Watch for anybody’s needs, wants or fancies!
The Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch is indeed a stunning looking man’s watch. It has a military and aviator design and style which together with it’s perpetual calendar, alarm, light and day/date functions also provides time keeping and stop-watch functions with superb precision.

. . . Top Citizen Watch Review . . .


Citizen BL5250-02L

Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch


Citizen Men’s BL5250-02L Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch

Powered using a solar cell that soaks up the sun’s rays as well as indoor light to continually charge itself.
It features a large easy face which is stylish and looks amazing. This watch feels wonderful on the wrist, partially since it’s round case is created using titanium which makes it without doubt incredibly lightweight, very easy to care for, very fashionable and in addition very sturdy.
The commonest objection concerning the Citizen BL5250-02L could be that the alarm function is fairly quiet.
The watch features a wonderful and unusual mix of solar power, perpetual calendar, as well as chronometer and alarm. This wrist watch is absolutely beautifully designed and desirable.

  • Water-resistant to a depth of 200 metres.
  • Powered by way of a solar cell that soaks in sunshine as well as any indoor light to continually charge itself.
  • Maximum power reserve of up to 270 days with power save capabilities.
  • Calendar, which automatically sets for the correct date (with leap years) up to the year 2100.
  • Features independent hour hand adjusting. This helps make adjusting timezones easy and accurate.
  • Awesome technical capabilities which allow this wrist watch to charge in the sunshine making it environmentally friendly.
  • Incorporates a 1/20 second chronograph that times up to Sixty minutes,
  • Date indicator, alarm, dual time, 12-24 time, and power saver function.
  • Genuine natural leather strap features beautiful stitching and buckle closure.
  • Manufactured from anti-reflective, hardened mineral.
  • The case is titanium and for that reason extremely light for it’s size.
  • Seeing the time is easy in very low light or even in the dark.

The Citizen BL5250-02L is really a classic wristwatch that’s ideal for each and every occasion.

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